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 I take pride in every server I build and maintain - I even blog about it. 

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Tech Overloaded? I'll simplify life for you so you can spend more time enjoying it

Tech Overloaded? I'll simplify life for you so you can spend more time enjoying it

  • 30+ years of software and IT management, consulting experience
  • B Sc 1997 Computer Science University of Qld, Australia
  • Writing software since 10 years age – now

When you hire me you get an asset and I’m able to come to understand peoples needs very fast due to the experience working at all levels of business. I work with extraordinary business people from all levels of industry. Some are solo and others hire me in to add my skills to their team. I work remotely from many places in the world because my clients are global.

I’m a writer, blogger, photographer, musician on top of a long career as an IT specialist.

My wife took this photo of me. I feel it shows my “can do” personality off. This is how I feel every time I solve your problems.

I strive provide value, accomplish your goals and in turn recommend practices that reduce your downtime. Sometimes a slow build – battle tested for internet security. Othertimes a rush job to get something online (or back online) asap

This is best of both worlds – I can meet you online. I can guide you through difficulties even resolve security breaches. Repair, relocate, update, secure and enable your website to do what it should.

I work with a group of independent developers, designers and IT specialists.  If you need more staff we will deliver them for you.

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Useful Advice - The Tech behind your Marketing Website

My Credo A life of no regrets – keep my ethical standards high.

Industry Experience:

Sales and Music Websites

Non-profits, Education

Mindfulness, Strategic Thought

Pragmatic Expense Reduction

Agile project management.

40 years in computing, a creator with music, photography, writing and video production.

Early adopter who migrates out of old tech when it makes sense.

Full Resume in time (not yet)
Useful Advice - The Tech behind your Marketing Website


Personal Service - Wide Vision

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The right team-mates advance your agenda swiftly

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I live in Cyberspace

Currently working online. Available for in person meetings within South East Asia Region or Globally if contracted. No customer too small.